Reviews and Press

“The reason [our work] ends up a bit funny, a bit sad, and very strange, is because that’s our outlook on life. This is our experience and our eyes.”

Interviews with Janet

Interview with Joseph Lyons – London Student – 2019

“I’ve never understood why anyone would settle for normal or usual, in any capacity. I don’t understand what the point is.”

Interview with Daniel Lubin – Savage Journal – 2018

“It’s very difficult to describe. I think of it as a kind of a soap-opera with a bomb in it”

The Kate Moss Experience

March 8th – Sprint 2019 Festival – Camden People’s Theatre

★★★★★ – A darkly funny and surreal exploration of Kate Moss’s biography with a subtle criticism of the industry that made her name. The play takes its subject seriously rather than playing her just for laughs, correcting our collective assumptions while satirising the excesses of the years of ‘heroin chic’ and the men attached to her throughout her rise to fame. Performed at high-speed, switching between narration, hilarious impressions, and drama between the two narrators, Janet is at the top of its game and will be one to watch. – Leila J

★★★★★ – Brilliant, original, feisty and fascinating new work written, directed and performed by Finn Burge and Hugh Pearson at fab Camden People’s Theatre. Genuine talent. Worthy of their own Vogue covers soon… – Elly Witcher

★★★★★ – Such a unique production, with a lot of laughter and serious moments blended with quirky care. Excited to see what’s next for Janet! – Fleur Elkerton

Everybody Shut Up

June 20th – 23rd 2018 – Vicarage Theatre

Review by Jamie Hardie – Savage Journal

“There is a sense that we are all engaged in something naughty, something that we shouldn’t be caught doing, and it lends an edge to every gasp of disgust, every burst of laughter, and every moment at which we try to figure out just what the hell is going on.”

Review by Uri Inspector – Pi Media Online

“The creative baby of two playfully eccentric yet uniquely serious minds, ‘Everybody Shut Up’ is as brutally honest and hallucinatory as theatre can get.”