Janet performed their latest production, ‘The Kate Moss Experience’ at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden on Thursday 12th September to Saturday 14th September at 9pm. The show will return later this year, keep an eye out for updates!

The Kate Moss Experience

Kate Moss: forged by angels and hatched from an egg on the wastelands of Croydon.

Kate Moss: waif almighty, queen of Cool Britannia, conqueror of the Universe.

Kate Moss: scandal.The Kate Moss Experience is a show about infatuation. Two would-be pop historians collide storytelling, choreography, music and mime to chronicle the life and career of an icon. This stylised theatrical documentary quickly wanders off-piste, slaloming from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the epic to the intimate, in a sinister ode to unrequited desire……

“Dizzyingly energetic, hilarious, and sort of heart-breaking”

Livvy Perret – Twitter

★★★★★ – “Performed at high-speed, switching between narration, hilarious impressions, and drama between the two narrators, Janet is at the top of its game”

Leila J –