Janet Productions was formed in 2018 by university students Finn Burge and Hugh Pearson. The pair have been responsible for dragging the Janet Productions machine into existence, both writing and directing for the company and recruiting an exceptionally talented group of fellow students and young creative professionals to help them make Janet a success.

The Janet Productions Team

Pihla Pekkarinen – Producer

Pihla Pekkarinen has been an essential part of the Janet Team over the last two years working to produce ‘Everybody Shut Up’ at the Vicarage Theatre, and ‘The Kate Moss Experience’ as part of Sprint 2019 at the Camden People’s Theatre. As well as working as a producer for Janet, Pihla currently studies Arts and Sciences at University College London.

Tanya Dudnikova – Producer

Tanya Dudnikova is the newest member of the Janet Productions team, and will be working as producer for ‘The Kate Moss Experience’ over the next year. Tanya is an award winning producer, with a wealth of experience working in theatre and short film. We are delighted to be working with her.

Adam Pietraszewski – Artistic Director

Adam Pietraszewski is a portrait and fashion photographer based in London, working with both digital and medium format film. He has been working with Janet Productions as artistic director, producing publicity images, trailers for shows, and show photography.

More of his excellent work can be found at: https://www.adampietraszewski.com

Poppy Crumpton – Director/ Technical Producer

Poppy Crumpton works with Janet Productions as director and technical producer for the shows. Poppy has an extensive background in theatre production, most recently writing and directing, “Souvenirs” a show bringing the real life stories of harassment and stalking of four young Londoners to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Finn Burge – Writer/Director

Finn Burge is the Godfather of the Janet Universe. The mastermind behind the company, Finn writes and directs the shows with his muse, and long lost cousin, Hugh Pearson. Before Janet, Finn wrote and directed a successful show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 and staged a reimagined modern interpretation of ‘The Tempest’ at the Crypt Theatre in St Pancras.

Hugh Pearson – Writer/Director

Hugh Pearson is the Godmother of the Janet Universe. He has worked tirelessly, and thanklessly with Finn Burge to create the strange world of Janet. Outside of Janet, he has directed a number of short films and is studying medicine at University College London.